Clovis--Gateway to the Sierras

On a Saturday in October, we drove to Clovis, California for a day trip and had a wonderful day enjoying the bright autumn sunshine and strolling around the quaint Old Towne District of Clovis.

Clovis is in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley just south of the Sierras and Yosemite. Because of its locale, agriculture and ranching have historically been the life blood for Clovis. That influence is still felt in Clovis in its historical district full of antique stores, fun shops, corner cafes, and even a sweet Victorian-style tea room.

The town of Clovis has done an amazing job in retaining the feeling and flavor of its roots in the Old Towne District. Unlike many California towns that have put money and energy into revitalizing their historic centers, Clovis feels unpretentious and relaxed. The shops aren't so high-end and hoity-toity that merchandise is overpriced. Ultimately, it's a wonderful atmosphere of nostalgia and charm.

At our favorite antique establishment, we had some success in finding "treasures" to add to our vintage red kitchen and dining area that is themed like a retro ice cream parlour/sweet shop. I also found that the dealers give great care to merchandise their items in a visually pleasing way--so much so that I had to snap some photographs of the wonderfully composed displays.

We ate lunch at The Corner Cafe (a favorite Clovis eatery). With a sense of an old diner, The Corner Cafe has affordable food and a laid back atmosphere. I was very happy with my grilled cheese sandwich and french fries (a calorie splurge for me). Hubby was equally pleased with his juicy burger and fries. The service was excellent and their pleasant kindness was a perfect accent to a great afternoon.